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For many of you, the barrier between you and a good job is that you might not have the basic knowledge of how to approach the job market, and an awareness of your value in the Danish job market.

Join a “first Job” course and we will give you an introduction to the Danish job market.

We will focus on your potential and your opportunities.

First Job is located in International house, where you will meet, network and share your experience with participants from all over the world.

Content of the course:

  • Tools for job searching
  • Danish work culture
  • LinkedIn
  • Career counseling
  • Workshop


  • You must have a valid residence permit.
  • You need to be financially independent or supported financially by your spouse or family.
  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher, and the interest of using your education and experiences within your field.
  • Only for residents in Copenhagen municipality.

You are welcome to join our linkedIn group:






First Job Copenhagen, International House, Gyldenløvesgade 11 1600 København V
Email: firstjob@bif.kk.dk 

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